Nairobi Attractions - 9 Fun Activities

Nairobi AttractionsNairobi Attractions
Nairobi AttractionsNairobi Attractions


Nairobi as a popular tourist destination has many exciting activity options for visitors to this beautiful city.

Activities range from thrilling to the more sedate depending on what you seek.

When in doubt always contact the local tourism office who will be more than happy to help with recommendations to suit your needs.

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Nairobi Attractions - 9 Fun Activities

Though many travelers to Kenya attempt to avoid the capital and largest city of Nairobi, there are plenty of fun activities and attractions. Taking the time do a little sightseeing and getting a feel of Nairobi will be a rewarding and beneficial experience.

Nairobi National Park 

The city of Nairobi, Kenya is home to a national park that is teeming with African wildlife. The boundaries of the park itself back up to the side of the city, presenting a fabulous opportunity to view lions and rhinos in their natural habitat just moments away from the center of Nairobi.

Ostrich Farm 

One of Nairobi's unique attractions is the opportunity to ride an ostrich at the Maasai Ostrich Farm. The farm also includes a wonderful restaurant that serves up a fabulous ostrich burger and steak!

National Museum 

The National Museum ranks as one of the top attractions in Nairobi. On display is a significant amount of interesting and valuable cultural items and ancient items from all over Kenya.

Kenya National Archives 

A great place to begin looking at traditional African antiques and relics is the Kenya National Archives. This colonial building in downtown Nairobi houses a great collection of weapons, pottery, paintings, and jewelry from around Africa.

Snake Park 

Nairobi snake park presents a great opportunity to observe the most lethal of all snakes and reptiles from a safe position. The well done displays are stocked with dangerous and beautiful snakes!

Gikomba Market 

Not usually included in most Nairobi attractions lists, Gikomba is one of the largest markets in Nairobi. The market is characterized by huge bushels of clothing, piles of shirts, and all kinds of products in massive quantities that spew out of stalls and onto the muddy roads.

City Park Hawkers Market 

City Park Hawkers is one of the largest fresh produce markets in the city of Nairobi. There is always a bountiful array of fresh fruits and vegetables, colorfully displayed throughout the stalls of the market.

Experience Nairobi Nightlife 

The vibrant nightlife in Nairobi is as diverse as the people attending the parties. From techno dance clubs to traditional bars with local tunes, there's always entertainment in the Nairobi night scene.

Eat Nyama Choma 

No visit to Nairobi would be the same without a few meals of roasted meat, known as nyama choma. Goat is the meat of choice, grilled up and served with a natural flavor. Eating roasted goat is a must do attraction in Nairobi.

This is merely a start to show the many and varied attractions that Nairobi has to offer. There are many more activities waiting to be discovered!

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