What you need to know about your first Kenyan Safari

Kenyan SafariKenyan Safari
Kenyan SafariKenyan Safari


What you need to know about your first Kenyan Safari

When it comes to a holiday, it’s one thing unwinding in luxury with all your wishes and requirements at your nearest convenience, but it’s another taking a trip into the wild. You don’t get more MIA than that.

The growth in demand for African safaris has drastically increased over the years, with more tourists flocking to Africa to experience the breathtaking outdoor affair. Every single safari experience differs from another, so, whether you live in Africa, are travelling to one of our many countries, or are simply looking for a new breakaway from your everyday hustle and bustle, Kenya is truly the Africa of your dreams.


The ultimate safari getaway

Kenya offers a diverse range of landscapes, wildlife and friendly faces. This holiday experience is safe, relaxing and most definitely something out of the ordinary. No matter how many documentaries you’ve watched, professional photos you’ve seen, or how many tip guides you’ve read on planning, you need to be prepared for the unknown. There is absolutely nothing that can prepare you for this experience.

From camping and bundu-bashing to sightseeing by boat, Africa is made up of 50-plus countries that all offer a unique set of travel opportunities. When going on safari, it is important to remember that as much as it is a chance to unwind, you are entering an unusual environment. One that doesn’t belong to you.

The rangers who will be guiding you through your tour are extremely efficient and knowledgeable when it comes to questions about the game drive, or about your accommodation. In order to be safe and secure at all times, listen to them and trust them to show you the ropes and the best sightings in the park. They will constantly be communicating with other rangers and assisting you with any queries. (Not to mention, you will quickly learn to understand the habits of the wild. How exciting!)

A safari trip is similar to any other travel: it requires a lot of research and commitment. Before deciding on your trip and location, make sure that you do extensive research on your options, to help you make the most of your experience. By having a clear understanding of your reasons for going on safari, it will only help you to better focus on your search and eliminate options that don’t suit your interests.


Time to get the show on the road

Here are a few important tips to remember when getting ready for your Kenyan safari:

  • As much as clothing is not important, it is very important. You’ll need to blend in with the landscape. Don’t wear white and avoid bright colours. Opt for lightweight cottons, long (and comfy) pants, and shirts with long sleeves to protect you from horrible insect bites. Wear sunscreen at all times and a good hat to protect you (the days are extremely hot).
  • Apart from clothing, an important thing to remember when attending a safari trip is no fancy footwear. Wear sensible shoes, preferably takkies or hiking boots that are thorn-proof. You need to be making the most of your trip, so don’t get hung up by your poor choice in shoes.
  • Make sure that you are vaccinated. In Africa, Malaria is widespread, so make sure that you have some antimalarial tablets and are immunised against yellow fever (other vaccinations include hepatitis A and B and typhoid. It usually takes some time for these vaccinations to take full effect, so be sure to do it in advance.) Apart from any health conditions that you may pick up, it's important to bring along an insect repellent.
  • If you are travelling to Kenya or other countries in Africa, many people would require a visa. Some can be obtained on arrival, but others need to be purchased in advance. If your passport alone is outdated, make sure that your passport is valid before considering any kind of travel.
  • Travel insurance might sound like a silly essential but it really isn’t. Because anything could happen (as with any other country), it’s important that you purchase a policy for your own protection, even if your tour guide doesn’t require you to do so. This is not only for health purposes, but it can be used in the event that your bag goes missing. Better to be safe than sorry.

One of the greatest things about travelling is being given the opportunity to explore a way of life that you haven’t done before, or never knew existed. Especially one that leaves an impression on your life and changes the way you perceive different cultures and environments.

The need to be free, spend time under the stars and to see Africa’s big five in real life, is really why people go on safari trips. Make the very best of your trip and leave sleep for later. You are not guaranteed the opportunity to see all animals that you’d hoped to see, so try to be present with every moment.


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