How to have a memorable trip to Africa

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How to have a memorable trip to Africa

Africa is one of the most beautiful continents. Each year, more and more people are visiting this land of wonders as tourists. The various countries in Africa have been the number one destination for travellers. Especially for those who want to experience the breathtaking views of wildlife up close in nature.


You can start off at the beautiful Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe and travel your way through to the magnificent fynbos-covered cliffs at Cape Point in South Africa. You’ll be able to explore and enjoy the diverse wilderness this continent has to offer. Whether you experience it alone or with a bunch of friends, make yourself ready for the time of your life.


It doesn’t matter which country you’re visiting, there are precautions you should take. However, Africa is a relatively safe place to travel to but it’s important to research the countries you'll visit. You should always stay cautious and vigilant. It doesn’t matter where you’re heading, safety comes first.


Here are a few things you should do and places to visit to have an amazing trip to Africa.


Visit a game reserve or national park


Africa is known for its popular game drives and national parks. This is one thing you can’t miss when travelling around this beautiful continent. You should definitely put an African safari on your to-do list. So, conduct research about the tourist attractions in Kenya, Zimbabwe, Botswana and so forth. There’s nothing better than seeing a herd of elephants grazing on the savannas. A safari will give you an experience with nature and its wildlife. You can either book a full or half-day guided bush drive and learn about the different wild animals and their habits. If you don’t want to walk or drive through the park, some reserves offer the option to experience the magic from the air. They do this with either a hot air balloon or a helicopter flight. Most game reserves are flexible with budgets. They also accommodate visitors ranging from couples on a romantic getaway to massive families.


Spend time with the locals


It doesn’t matter where you’re going, you’ll be seen as a tourist. But you shouldn’t let that stop you from spending time with the locals. This is one benefit of travelling to Africa. You’ll get the opportunity to experience life outside your comfort zone. You’ll realise how the countries differ from each other. Their cultures, languages and ways of life will all differ from one another. In a country such as South Africa, for instance, there are 11 different official languages. South Africa is often referred to as the rainbow nation because of the rich diversity of cultures. You’re also likely to learn some interesting facts about the different countries. For instance, after coffee, Kenya’s biggest income generator is tourism. It’s difficult not to experience the cultural diversity Africa offers. So, while exploring your chosen country, spend time with the locals. They’re the ones who’ll let you in on the history of their country. They’ll educate you and leave you with an authentic story.


Visit an iconic destination


Every country has its own iconic destination. It’s important to research this before heading off. With the knowledge of the different iconic destinations in Africa, you can easily decide where you want to go. You can pay a visit to the Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe. It’s the fourth longest river in Africa. Or you can visit the iconic Table Mountain in Cape Town, South Africa. Table Mountain is among the most fashionable tourist destinations of late. You can either take the cable car or hike your way up the mountain. You cannot visit Africa without going to its most iconic destinations. So, make sure you add these to your to-do list.


Drive through the Garden Route


If you plan is to visit South Africa, then the Garden Route is a must do. This well-known route will take you on a journey next to the sea, passing through a colourful contrast of breathtaking lagoons and lakes. Along the route, you can also stop over at small towns like Oudtshoorn, George and Mossel Bay. In Oudtshoorn, you can either visit the popular Cango Caves or take a ride on an ostrich. Each of these towns has their own unique story to tell. So, if South Africa is on your list, the Garden Route is one not to be missed.


These are a few ways how you can have a memorable trip to Africa. The tourism industry in Africa is well established and information can be found easily. If you want to drive around this beautiful continent by yourself, there are many car rental options in Cape Town and other areas. If self-drive is an option, you should definitely take a look at these options.


You’ll have an adventure on the roads of Africa. So, pack your suitcase, get your maps ready and head on a trip you’ll never forget.

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